Real-Time Threat Center

Comprehensive, continuous threat analysis based on exact replicas (golden images) of your IT infrastructure. We feed the latest threats into your virtually replicated IT environment, evaluate the results in real-time, and make them available instantly. Use our Threat Arena to evaluate your cybersecurity systems or analyze threats in real-time.

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Your golden images, including your standard and non-standard software packages and endpoint security, will be continuously tested against the latest threats.


Results will be compiled in real-time, with clear & actionable insights, via an easy-to-use dashboard. Our customers can use the results immediately to mitigate cyber-security risks. 


Populate the RTTC Threat Arena with the threat of your existing incident. All results will be provided immediately, and you will have valuable input to help clean up the incident in your organization.

Our solution

The RTTC Threat Arena is an on-site or cloud-based virtualization environment that starts your golden images as a user. It automatically simulates user interaction, and then loads the threat into the virtual environment. A comprehensive detection mechanism will track all changes to your machines’ hard disks and memory, and reports file changes, file deletions, registry changes, and much more.



We are dedicated to real-time analysis of threats of our customers’ IT infrastructure. With RTTC Arena, we can setup your whole IT infrastructure in an virtual environment, and check how well it is protected against the latest threats.

Organization centric

Your IT infrastructure can be simulated under realistic conditions. Based on your golden images, we create test scenarios with a graphical user interface (not command-line based) and realistic user behavior. These do not interact at all with your production IT systems.


100% external

The RTTC Threat Arena does NOT require any integration with your infrastructure, nor does it require installation of agents on your computers. We automate the process, so your security guardians can focus on other mission-critical areas.

Real life Threats

With our collection of the latest in-the-wild cyber threats, we can attack your virtualized IT environment and instantly detect any threat that could currently harm it.

SaaS or on-premise

RTTC products and services can be operated either as SaaS (hosted according to GDPR), or on-premises at the customer’s site, with separate hardware/virtualization.


We can setup any combination of server and client golden images, Including AD domain controllers, mail servers, file servers, and many more.

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